Hello Hello!

Yes, I’m jumping on the blog wagon. I know, I know the cow is out of the barn. Everyone and their great aunt Sue has a blog now detailing how they won the blueberry pie contest at the county fair. We’ll see how I do. I’m going to try to budget time each (or most) days to blog at least a little and to include some pictures that snapped along the way. Hopefully, you’ll see a progression in the quality and quantity of my images and maybe some day I’ll even be asked to photo for someone else.

My dream? Weddings. I would love to capture those moments for others. I would love for the images I create, the moments I see to be the moments that are most remembered by those in love. By that I mean I want to capture the moments, not create them. I want to document the true love and emotion of the moment. There is no greater privilege, I believe. I would also love to capture portraits for those willing to sit, stand, swim, run, jump or play for me. Pets definitely included.
I’m going to poke around this blogspot a bit, kick the tires and see if I can figure things out. Hopefully, you’ll be hearing from me soon.
PS Here’s an image or two from a shoot I did with my daughter and one of her friends.